3 Updates Worth Doing to Your Home in 2021

Has your home been feeling a bit tired as of late? Do you find yourself flipping through home décor magazines wishing you could replicate the designs, trends, and ideas in your own home? Updating the home can be an excellent project to take on, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming. It can be hard to pinpoint where to start, what updates will offer the most impact, and which ones you should prioritise. However, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted three home updates that are well worth the effort for 2021.

Modernise the Kitchen

Here’s an update that is always worth doing, as kitchen renovations tend to offer a very healthy return on your investment. Whether your budget allows for a full gut job, or you just plan on smaller projects, it’s well worth the money and effort you pour into it.

As you work on prioritising the kitchen renovation, it’s important to think about two main things – functionality and flow. Although you want the kitchen to look great and have that fresh modern feel to it, it’s also important to ensure the space is functional and has a sense of flow. Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals, you need to know it will work for your needs.

Add or Update Your Fireplace’s Mantel

A fireplace is a wonderful feature to have in a home. It adds style, character, and warmth and can truly transform the atmosphere. With that said, it’s not simply enough to have a fireplace, as it’s the mantel that can really set the tone and act as an eye-catching detail in the room. This brings us to another fabulous update worth doing in 2021, and that’s to add or update your mantelpiece.

If the space allows, adding a larger more substantial mantel can give the illusion of a grander fireplace. The mantel can also give architectural details to a room that may be rather standard looking at the moment.

In terms of what material to choose for your mantel, wood is always popular, but you don’t want to overlook stone options either. Stone has been one of the most traditional materials used for the mantel dating back to medieval times. It can add drama, romance, and style to your fireplace. You can check out the different options available at sites like stonewoods.co.uk.

Embrace a Landscaping Project

If your home has outdoor space, this can be another fabulous area to focus on. This is the first and last thing people see of your home, so you want to have kerb appeal. What’s great about landscaping is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it look great; at the end of the day, it’s really about maintenance and upkeep – keeping everything neat, tidy, and cared-for.

Now that you’ve got some solid ideas on where to focus your renovation efforts in 2021, all that’s left to do is dive right in and get started.

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