Styling tips- dressing well on a budget

Buying clothes and dressing well can be very expensive tasks. Often, the trendiest and high-quality clothing items are those with the highest price tags. But it does not have to be this way! Read below to learn some styling tips on how to dress well on a budget.

1. Get rid of clothes you do not wear

Realistically and honestly, how many of the clothes in your wardrobe do you actually wear on a regular basis? If the answer is quite low, then you should really consider getting rid of them. Importantly, ‘getting rid’ does not necessarily mean throw away. To fully maximize the worth of the clothes you already own, you could either sell them (which will put extra cash in your wallet) or give them new life by repurposing them. There are many ways to creatively reuse old clothing which will simultaneously update your wardrobe and improve your style.

2. Shop in all the right places

If a bargain is what you are looking for, a bargain is what you will get! To make the most out of your money, you must think outside of the box. You can, for example, trade clothing with friends (which is also conveniently free), shop at thrift or second-hand shops or even create your own clothes at home. Another option if of course shopping exclusively in the sales section where there are deals among deals! However, be wary and cautious not to purchase items solely because they are on sale- make sure the items you purchase are ones you actually like and can envision wearing regularly.

3. Choose clothes that fit

Seemingly trivial, yet important. If you want to spend the least amount of money on clothes you love, you have to make sure they fit and are durable. This is important especially in the long-term, as having a few staple, well-fitting items in your wardrobe will ensure you do not have to spend money on them in the future. This can be achieved by knowing your measurements.

4. Quality over quantity

Also, consider having some good quality staples. Having one or a couple reliable items such as jackets, coats, and shoes that are versatile is a must. You do not need to go overboard here, so remember, quality over quantity. Again, ensure they are the right fit. If you are a curvy female, then consider purchasing good quality plus size ladies jackets that you can style with multiple outfits. The key take home message here, is versality. If you can find multiple ways to style and wear one item, this will not only save you cash, but time! For example, there are many tips to style a denim jacket.

5. Window shopping

Believe it or not, going window shopping can help you save money! How you ask? Well, by window shopping and previewing items that are already out there, you can hopefully gain some inspiration, which of course is free. Once you have been inspired, you can look in the places and shops which sell similar clothing to the ones you saw, but at a cheaper cost. This can help you advance your personal style at zero cost.

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