How to Switch Up Hair Looks Non-Permanently

Many of us love experimenting with our hair but would much prefer to try something out without having to commit to it, especially if the change is drastic or difficult to reverse. Maybe you are curious what a fringe would look like on you, or whether dyeing your hair a certain fashion color will improve your look, or end up being a regret that is difficult to get out without causing a significant amount of damage (or costing a significant amount of money).

It is fun to mix up our styles and try something new, and sometimes change is a good thing, but if you are not quite ready for a buzzcut or half and half hair, then read on to find out how to switch up your hair looks without the commitment.

Grab in Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are one of the fastest ways to change up your look for cheap and also without having to make any permanent changes. Hair accessories have come a long way from your traditional ‘Alice band’ or hair grip- there are now all kinds of accessories that can go in your hair to create many different looks and feels. There are different kinds of decorative clips, pins made out of different materials, and you can use hair ‘gems’ to glamourize a look, resin clips to add character, or hair beads to create something unique. That being said, grips and clips are a great way to move hair around and off your face, or experiment with changing lengths without you having to reach for the scissors!

Invest in a Wig (or Two)

Wigs have long had a connotation of being used when we experience hair loss – usually for a medical reason. However, in recent years, the openness of using additional hair to switch up looks and styles have been perpetuated by celebrities and influencers, who enjoy having a different hair color of the day without causing any damage or change to their natural hair.

Because of this, it is much easier to get your hands on reasonably priced wigs, which now come in an impressive range of styles. For those who want to get a professional wig that they would like to wear often, consider finding human hair wig salons that can make sure you have a perfect match and fit for what you are looking for.

Try A New Style

Have you ever seen a hairstyle on somebody and wondered how on earth they achieved it? We now live in a world where there is an abundance of tutorials that can show us exactly what we need to do to achieve a specific style. Whether you want gorgeous braids, a faux fringe, or a change in texture such as soft waves or chopstick curls, all of these can create a brand new striking look without having to dye or cut your hair. Just make sure to use a protective spray if you are going to use heat!

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