6 Fashion Items All Men Should Own

There will always be wardrobe essentials any man needs, and pure peace of mind comes from knowing that you have dependable, staple wardrobe items ready whenever you need them. Essential wardrobe items should be adaptable for any season, and ideally never go out of style.

With any item on this list, as with any item of clothing you purchase, you should always ensure never to compromise on your taste and quality of clothing. By always ensuring you buy something you absolutely love, and which is going to last a long time, you will save money in the long run by avoiding replacing cheap items and items which you never truly liked in the first place.

So how many of these do you own?

1. A Gilet

Gilets are great fashion items, because they are so adaptable. A gilet can be a welcome addition to any outfit, whether for extra warmth, extra color or just to finish off the perfect outfit. Gilets come in many varieties and material options, meaning you don’t always have to opt for the traditional padded look. Gilets can also come in fashionable tweed or wool, meaning you can get an extra warm layer of style by selecting the right Nehru jacket.

2. A White Shirt

White shirts are the pinnacle of smart and adaptable. White shirts can be worn for absolutely any occasion, whether formal as part of a suit or informal coupled with a pair of jeans. It’s also an essential workwear item, or a handy item to have for any upcoming interview. Having at least one comfortable, high-quality and fitted white shirt in your wardrobe is a decision you’ll never regret.

3. A Pair of Black Slim-Fit Jeans

There is no time when a pair of stylish black fitted jeans will never be an attractive fashion item. Black jeans work with absolutely anything, for any occasion, and can be coupled with any top or any pair of shoes. If in doubt, throw on a pair of black jeans.

4. A Plain Sweatshirt

Whether it’s to add an extra layer of warmth to a cold day, to lounge about the house or to add a casual element to an otherwise formal-looking outfit, a plain sweatshirt is a dependable and simple item any man needs. For more adaptability, go for a plainer color like black or grey to ensure that it works with more outfits.

5. A Practical Overcoat

Nothing sets off a winter outfit more than a stylish overcoat. Every man should have a coat he can rely on, and which can handle the cold weather. Options like a navy wool peacoat are the way to go, as this style looks formal enough to wear over a suit, but casual enough when coupled with jeans and trainers.

6. A Pair of Smart Lace-Up Shoes

There will always come a time when formal, smart shoes are needed. Lace up options in black or brown, such as a brogue, are timeless classics which are perfect for those formal occasions, dates or interviews, and work well with any clothing option.

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