Five Reasons to Love Manchester

What does Morrissey, the lead singer of The Smiths, and JK Rowling, the bestselling author of the Harry Potter series, have in common? They are both Mancunians (or Mancs, for short), people who come from Manchester, a city in England that’s full of history and culture.

Here are five reasons why people love Manchester.

Manchester’s architecture is a beautiful reminder of the past.

Even though Manchester is a hip city where the young, the cool, and the reckless like to hang out and have fun, its architecture still reflects the city’s beautiful past. Everywhere you go, you’ll find a variety of architectural styles from the 19th and 20th centuries. From art deco to art nouveau, Edwardian baroque to neo-classical, Victorian neo-gothic to Venetian gothic—the city will reveal to you its history through its breath-taking buildings.

Manchester’s night life is colourful and vibrant.

Speaking of the young, the cool, and the reckless, you will have a great time partying at Manchester, especially at night with its bars, pubs, and night clubs. According to The Telegraph, the must-visit pubs and bars in the city include Cloud 23, Marble Arch, The Oast House, Pi, Mr Thomas’s Chop House, Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, HOME Bar and Café, and Matt and Phred’s. Meanwhile, if you want to get up on your feet and dance, The Guardian suggests that you go to Content, Warehouse Project, Drunk at Vogue, Meandyou, Process, Zutekh, So Flute, Clique, Wet Play, and Bohemian Grove.

Manchester United—there’s nothing more to say.

Actually, Manchester has a lot to say about football. The locals are very passionate about the sport, and their craze has carried them all throughout the world. Given their success in the sport, both Manchester United and Manchester City have gained international fans. The former has won twenty premier league and division one titles and twelve FA Cup trophies. Meanwhile, the latter has won eleven premier leagues and first division titles and five FA Cup trophies.

Manchester is a haven for foodies.

Manchester’s food markets are well-loved by both tourists and locals. If you’re a foodie who’s planning to visit the city, make sure you drop by some of its famous food markets. At Makers Market (which also covers Cheshire and North Wales), you’ll get to taste sweet treats and artisan breads. You’ll also find a lot of local produce here, like fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade jams, and handcraft cheeses. Meanwhile, Arndale Market takes you on an international food trip with its different world cuisines. Take your taste buds to Jamaica, Greece, Brazil, India, China, and the rest of the world when you visit here.

Manchester is a romantic city.

Do you have a special someone? A boyfriend, a girlfriend, a fiancé(e)? Are you planning a romantic getaway for the two of you? Well, look no further than the romantic streets, spots, and destinations in Manchester. The city has a lot of restaurants, cafés, and attractions that will surely make for an unforgettable date. In fact, wedding venues Manchester has to offer are a terrific idea for your special day.

Manchester’s history and culture are enough reasons to visit the city. However, for party-lovers, foodies, sports fans and romantics, it also has a lot to offer to you.

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