Famous and historical London casinos

Many of the casinos found within the City of London are steeped in history and tradition. These are referred to as the ìMayfairsî, which the name deriving from the area of London in which they are located. Given the age of some of these casinos, one can expect some outstanding Victorian architecture, design and luxurious antiques, transporting you back to the glorious days of the past. Adding to the feeling of luxury, these casinos center around the concept of ultimate class and exclusivity, which means you will need to apply to gain access. If you’re ready to lay down cash while you’re waiting for your application to be accepted, you can always defer to online gambling in the meantime during your visit to London. Check out the omnia review for a look at a great online casino.


One of these Mayfair casinos is Aspinalls. Of all the gaming clubs within this area of London, Aspinallís has the most colonial feel due to its decor. The gaming club sprawls out over four different floors and to move between the areas, there is an elegant spiral staircase paving your way. Despite its rather traditional feel, Aspinalls has the most lenient membership policy. If visiting London and you will be visiting here, plan to dress smartly.


Maxims is another casino within Mayfair. However, its location is a bit more spaced out from all the other clubs. The house in which it resides was built in 1862, providing an historic setting for the gambling to take place. The gaming tables found at Maxims have minimums that are quite reasonable in comparison to some of the other Mayfair Casinos and the membership policy also is fairly lenient, this means visitors to London can easily gain access with a membership application. Remember, it takes about 24 hours to obtain entry, so you may want to see if you can apply prior to your departure for London, or rather than the glam you might have to stick with gambling at online casinos .


Crockfords is another London gaming club that many have written on their bucket list. The oldest private gaming club in the world, Crockfords first opened in 1828 as a gentlemen’s club. Re-founded in 1928 by William Crockford, it has been staple in London’s private gaming industry for over nearly 90 years. Despite its history, the club is lacking the charm that exudes from some of the other Mayfair casinos but the historical class and exclusivity however is still unmatched.

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