Dortmund, Germany – A Hot Place To Be Any Time Of Year



With Christmas around the corner, images of mulled wine, cinnamon sticks and those ever present gorgeous Christmas markets might be already filling your head. But where should you go to visit the absolute best Christmas market? Germany of course! Continually touted as the place to be when it comes to markets of the Christmas variety, Germany is home to numerous cities that host their own markets and to this day, Dortmund is considered to have one of the best set ups. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Dortmund and see for yourself!

Dortmund – Getting In And Around

While Dortmund isn’t home to its own international airport, it is close to the borders of the Netherlands and France meaning that it can be reached easily by bus, car or train from a number of western European destinations that have international connections. For those of German or European descent looking to enjoy the sights of the city, low cost regional airlines such as Wizz Air and Easy Jet fly into Dortmund’s domestic airport which is serviced by a shuttle bus to the central station. But why hassle yourself? Why not use a private hire car to get yourself from the train station, airport and around town. You’re on holiday after all – so treat yourself!

Things To See and Do In Dortmund

From late November the Christmas market in Dortmund and its accompanying Christmas tree – one of the world’s biggest – are open and ready to receive visitors. This makes December an ideal time to visit the city to experience one of Germany’s best and biggest Christmas markets. Any other time of the year though, Dortmund is home to numerous fantastic museums, particularly the Museum of Art and Cultural history which showcases Dortmund life over 300 years as well as a collection of gorgeous churches. For plant lovers, be sure to check out the Rosarium – home to over 300 species of roses, as well as a visit to one of Dortmund’s impressive parks.

Further Afield

It’s no secret that Dortmund is well placed to enjoy quick access to other nearby cities such as Cologne and Dusseldorf, making it a great place to visit on a weekend tour of a couple of Germany’s western cities. Why not hire out a private car with driver to take you around some of the sites of neighbouring towns and cities as well. You never know what you might find with a private driver who is familiar with the area – you could stumble across some truly unknown hidden gems!

So if you’re looking to get into the Christmas spirit this year, why not consider a short trip to Dortmund and a jaunt or two around its impressive Christmas market. With one of the world’s biggest Christmas trees on display as well, we challenge you to leave Dortmund without an injection of Christmas spirit. Even if you come to the city any other time of year, Dortmund is well placed to host even the most discerning of travellers. Be sure to check out its great collection of cultural fare, followed by a bit of a bar crawl at some of the city’s coolest places, such as Hovels Hausbrauerei – a local watering hole that will leave you wanting more Dortmund!

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