6 Things Not To Miss In London  

When you come to London, you will be dropped in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. London sprawls so much that you could spend a very long time in the city and not see everything. However, there are a few things that you cannot miss when you come to the city. Take a look at these six things because you will be surprised by what you can do when you come to town. Plus, you do not even need to stay in town for some of these activities.

  1. Find An Escort

You can find London escorts before you even get to the city, or you might choose to meet a girl when you come to town. There are a lot of people who come to London hoping to meet a sweet and young new girl who will give them a tour of the town. Your confidence will go through the roof when you have a hot girl on your arm, and she will be very attentive as she shows you lol over the city. You can even take her to your business functions as your date.

  1. Ride The Thames

You can actually rent a boat and slowly ride the Thames through the center of the city. There are many lovely landscapes along the banks of the river before you get close to the city center, and the city will rise all around you as you get close to London Bridge and the major sights of the city. You can ride through this part of town very fast like you are in a James Bond movie, or you can take your time as part of a day tour. You can even stop at certain points along the river as you go. You can even get out of the boat at City Airport to catch your plane home.

  1. Ride The Millennium Eye

You should see the city from this vantage point. You can get tickets for your ride long in advance, and you can stop by the eye when you are in town. This is a nice part of a simple walking tour.

  1. Go To The All-England Club

You need to at least see the majesty of the All-England Club. To be sure, you are not a member, but they do offer tours of Court One, Court Two, and Center Court. Plus, you can shop in their gift shop for official merchandise. Wimbledon is the king of all tennis tournaments, wouldn’t you know.

  1. Walk By 10 Downing Street

You need to see 10 Downing Street to believe it. This is nothing like the White House in America. The modesty of it all will stun you.

  1. Visit Saville Row

You can get a suit made on Saville Row, or you can go stargazing because there should be some celebrities on this little street. All these things come together to make your next trip to London the most exciting time of your life.

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