5 FREE Things To Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of europe’s most exciting cities and the perfect place for culture vultures, thrill seekers and those looking for a relaxing break. There is so much to do in Barcelona that one must carefully plan their time before they arrive, to ensure that they can do as much as possible. Barcelona however, is quite an expensive European city but this does not mean that the budget traveler can not indulge in many of the great attraction here in Catalonia.

If you are on a budget and looking for free things to do in Barcelona, here are just a few ideas for you.

Visit The Old Town

The Old Town or Gothic Quarter in Barcelona used to be the heartbeat of the city and despite more modern areas coming in, the Bari Gothic has still held its own as the cultural center of the city. Throughout these mazy streets you will find open squares with music and people dancing, you will find handmade craft and artisan goods as well as many small churches and art installations to enjoy. If you want to know more about the culture in the city, this is where to go.

Sunday Freeday

If you are in Barcelona on a Sunday then you can enjoy many of the city’s museums, for absolutely free. This incentive was started by the local government around 3 years ago and it has been a roaring success. If you want to see the Picasso museum for example, save your money and go on a Sunday when admission is completely free.

Architectural Tour

One of the most attractive features to the city is their stunning buildings and the design of the city streets. Most of this was inspired by the architect Antoni Gaudi, as well as Salvador Dali. Now, you may not be able to enter these buildings and see the interiors for free, but that is not to say that you cannot enjoy them from the outside and make your own tour. Make a map of the buildings which you want to see and then walk, or go by metro to each one.

Font Magica

In 1929 Barcelona held the World Exposition and to commemorate that, they built this incredible fountain. Best visited at night when the colorful lights dance across the spraying water, this fountain even offers musical accompaniment to the show. This is no Bellagio fountains of course, but it makes for some great photos and yet another fun and free place for you to visit.

Hit The Beach

Many people overlook the fact that Barcelona is situated right on the coast and beyond the stunning harbor with those insane yachts, there are many beaches where you can take the load off. Few European cities can say that they have a beach close by and so heading to Barcelona, you should definitely take the chance to spend a free day by the Mediterranean, soaking up the sunshine. Only private beaches have entry costs and the rest of them are absolutely free.

With so many free things to do, even a budget traveler can enjoy this magnificent city.

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