Top Types Of Law To Consider For A Career Change

Are you looking to change career? Maybe you’re only just starting out and you’re interested in seeing what other kinds of careers are out there before you make your decision about which field to go into. Picking a career can be a hugely challenging prospect, especially in younger people when the world seems like it’s your oyster and you can do anything you want to do. One career field that people often like to consider is that of law. It’s robust, varied and highly engaging and it seems like you never get bored when representing your clients. Sound interesting? Check out these great types of law you can study to help you find your first legal job.


Family law is just what it sounds like – representing families in different types of disputes. Many family lawyers will work with clients during times of divorce to get financial settlements or custody agreements for children as well as help splitting assets and the like. While a lot of family law is based around this, other family lawyers can also help clients with paperwork and legal issues when it comes to adoptions and making sure they go through. Family law, while challenging with lots of emotions running high, can be hugely rewarding, and so is a great area of law to choose.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense law is a great area of law to go into if you really like getting under the skin of cases and want to defend your clients against unfair justice systems and help get them off of charges or get them good plea bargains and the like in exchange for confessions and the like. A challenging type of law, defense law is important when people are accused of doing things they didn’t do, and nothing tastes sweeter than helping a client get off a charge that they have been proven innocent for.


Property law is a great option for those who are curious about the laws and workings of buying or selling property. A property lawyer will help their clients buy or sell homes and business properties, ensuring all paperwork is done thoroughly and properly and that all money is changed hands as well as keys get to their new respective owners. There’s a lot of other bits and bobs that go with property law, such as occasionally needing to organise maps and other information to ensure property packets are full and complete, but it’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment!

Intellectual Property

Similar to physical property, intellectual property surrounds the concept of ensuring intellectual property remains the rights and property of the person who created it. Things of this nature include inventions, novels, stories, music and more and it can be hugely rewarding when a client of yours has something truly unique that they want to pursue creatively.

So whether you’re starting to look at career options or you’ve been working a while and just want a change, hopefully these ideas and different types of law can help you pick the right career for you!

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