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The technology available today makes life more convenient and allows us to extend ourselves further than ever before. With the world of artificial intelligence taking shape at a rapid rate, and smart gadgets that have been designed with holistic experiences in mind, humans now have devices to control almost every aspect of the modern world.

While most new gadgets available in 2017 have been designed around daily life in the online realm, there are other nifty pieces of tech that allow you to feel more secure in your most vulnerable space, the home.

The following home gadgets will increase your awareness, help you control your home and allow you to enjoy your CAD casino games at the same time. With your personal safety a constant concern, in a world where man seems to fight tooth and nail to get over and above others, in a game of chess that is usually played to the bitter end.

These new technologies available for home use will allow you to take your power back and control your home the way you see fit with the best home security gadgets and tech 2017.

The Watchful eye 

It’s compact and robust, and it’s the best security camera on the market. The Netgear Arlo Q boasts 1080p video quality, both day and night.

This piece of dynamite truly is wrapped in a small package, featuring a dynamic motion sensory system and a flexible scheduling feature. The camera is easy to setup and the best part about the entire system is that it provides you with a week if free storage.

Light It Up 

One of the best deterrents for complete home defence is light. You can’t get a much smarter light bulb than the Philips Hue White A19 starter kit.

The kit comes complete with 2 bulbs and a hub to connect the bulbs to other smart home devices. Featuring a brightness controller that allows you to take the illumination all the way to 800 lumens and a hub that will connect 50 bulbs, this kit truly will light your home in the darkest of times and will offer added security when you are away travelling or out for the night.

Smoke Em Out 

There are a ton of various smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors on the market, but the Roost Smart Battery takes your smoke alarm to the next level.

You simply have to plug the Roost Smart Battery into any existing smoke alarm and watch it sink with 7 other smart home gadgets.

Now you can receive alerts directly to your phone when the alarm is triggered, leaving you and your family in safer hands all year round.

Touch To Open 

While crawling home at the pace of a snail as you search for the ever-elusive garage door remote can leave your knickers in a twist at the ever-present danger in your urban playground. Your driveway may be loaded with obstacles like kids toys as you navigate your way in quest of the final parking spot for the day.

The Chamberlain MYQ Garage is changing the way you open up your garage door and park your car. It’s a simple system to install and instead of using an outdated remote simply sync to your smart phone for full touch to open access.

The gadgets discussed here are but a handful of home security tech items that will keep you that much safer in the urban jungle. Technology improves our lives and our livelihood, that is why it’s so exciting to see new smart home gadgets making our most vulnerable spaces, much more liveable.

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