How to Study When You Are a Full Time Author

Writing books takes a lot of time and effort. There is much brainwork involved, so when you are not at your computer you may just want to rest. Or you may find that doing something totally different is your way of relaxing. It could be a hobby of some sort, or perhaps you would like to study for something totally unrelated to writing books.

How Long Does It Take to Write a Book?

The answer to that question really depends on what author you are speaking to, as the timescale can vary greatly. Stephen King says his books never take him longer than three months, Jane Green says it takes her six months and J.K.Rowling says the first Harry Potter book took her more than five years. Most people would tell you six to twelve months for the final, edited version, but a lot comes down to how many hours you are prepared to work at it each day.

Where Do Others Get Their Ideas?

There is an old proverb that says if you and another swap a cent each, you still both have one cent. If you and another swap an idea each, you both have two ideas. Basically, that means that the ideas come from anywhere authors happen to be or people they happen to meet. To write books you have to have a good imagination, a command of the language you are writing in and the patience to keep going over the same work until it is how you want it to be. Once an idea is in your mind, often it takes priority over everything else until it has been put into words.

Doing Other Things While Writing a Book

Most authors need something else to do other than writing. They often find if it is all they do day in and day out, the work starts to become stale and they begin to get frustrated with it. Doing something totally different can give their mind a rest from the storyline, and they go back to it refreshed and raring to go.

For some, a daily visit to the gym is enough, others like to have a hobby that gives their brain a rest. Some sort of game such as golf is a popular one. Others want to learn something new and combine writing their book with studying. For instance, if they are based in Oklahoma they may want to take part in a course at the Francis Tuttle Dental Assisting Program, as working in a dental clinic will be nothing like being an author.

Some study for teaching degrees as they like to stick to the areas they know best, but that does not suit everyone. There are many famous authors with qualifications, some obtained before they started writing, and some afterward. Just a few examples are J.K. Rowling who has a degree in French, Michael Crichton, who studied medicine at Harvard, Elizabeth Peters who has a degree in Egyptology and John Grisham who has an accounting degree.

A Case of Planning the Time

Studying while being an author is the same as studying while doing any other job, you just need to plan the time you will dedicate to both. Then there is no reason you cannot carry on writing your next best seller and get your qualification at the same time.

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