Getting Your MSA: 3 Educational Tracks

When you have a passion for numbers and know your end goal, the next step is to get your Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). The advanced degree can open up the field of accounting to you, and it’s a smoother path when you know which route to take. There are three ways to get a master’s degree in accounting.

1. As an Accounting Degree Holder

Do you already have an undergraduate degree in accounting? If so, then you’ll likely want to take the Merrimack College MS in Accounting online program. The 32-credit curriculum features top-level courses in accounting.

Plus, Merrimack College provides you with the option to add a certificate to your MSA in specialty areas that are becoming more important for grads to have experience with, such as Business Analytics. You can look forward to completing the degree program and a practical certificate in as little as 16 months.

2. As a Business Degree Holder

Another scenario is that you hold an undergrad degree in business. In this case, you’ll want to earn a master’s degree in accounting that prepares you for the CPA licensure.

Build your accounting know-how with the courses you take and opt for an online format if you want to keep working at your current job while going to school. The degree makes you much more desirable to future employers.

3. Don’t Hold a Business or Accounting Degree

What if you have neither degree? Don’t give up!

New options are coming, including those already available at Merrimack College. There are new accounting concentrations, specifically in the areas of fraud, forensics and taxation. These areas are ones that are growing in demand. By working with the Program Director, you can get a degree custom made for your career goals and based on your existing educational experience.

What a Master of Science in Accounting Program Looks Like

Generally, the advanced degree program is 1-2 years, and it’s sometimes longer. The exact length depends on the school. By combining this program with the undergraduate one beforehand, you set yourself up for professional examinations. In the US, this is the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam.

As a student, you will complete classes, do case studies, and take tests. There will be a significant amount of research to do for courses. Plus, you can enjoy electives that flesh out your experience, such as mathematics.

The Online Path to Earning Your MSA

Many students prefer the online route to degree completion. Being able to study and do coursework from the comfort of home has a lot of appeal.

A major advantage is that you can study, write papers, and complete other assignments during the time of day that you’re able to do it. That’s as opposed to having to go on-campus at a specific time every week for a class. Of course, you will have to complete projects by the instructors’ due dates.

Final Words about Earning an MSA

With your master’s degree, you can look forward to taking the CPA exam with full confidence. From there, you will enter the workplace with in-demand skills. Great opportunities are ahead!

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