8 Safety Tips for Effective Gutter Cleaning

Not so fun fact: clogged gutters can cost you thousands of dollars if left uncleaned! Actually, they are the main cause of basement water problems which can be very costly. When your gutters get blocked, water overflows and accumulates at your home’s foundation allowing water to enter your basement. Plus, it can cause all sorts of façade damage and other issues that can cost you money and ruin the look of your home. So, if you want to avoid these huge expenses, better keep your gutters clean! Even though that’s a relatively easy and straightforward job, it can be quite dangerous if you don’t know any safety rules. Here’s how to stay safe cleaning your gutters.

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Invest in quality gloves

Cleaning your gutters can be quite gross: wet and rotten leaves, branches, bugs and worms and even some animal dropping! Plus, old gutter edges can be quite sharp and rusty and you can’t know what sharp objects you can find in there! So, unless you’re ready to touch yucky things and risk getting cut, make sure to get some quality gloves to protect your hands. Thick suede gloves are your best choice. They will keep your hands clean and safe!

Protect your eyes

When you’re removing a clog, you can expect a lot of things to come flying at you. Some people report having rats, birds and frogs come jumping out of the gutters when they started cleaning! So, unless you’re looking forward to an eye injury, make sure to invest in protective eye gear.

Know ladder safety

Working at height always carries certain risks. Your best choice for lower homes is to use four-legged step ladders that offer good stability. However, for two-story homes and taller, it’s best to bring out the big guns! Luckily, you can find an affordable portable scaffolding rental that will provide you with practical scaffolding for ultimate safety and practicality. Scaffolds also allow you to bring a pair of helping hands, which means double the cleaning speed and less work for you!

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Use a scoop

Another thing that can help you avoid the risk of contamination and injuries during your cleaning process is a gutter scoop. It’s cheap and available at practically all hardware stores.

Employ a hose

In order to properly clean your gutters, you’ll need a garden hose to get all the debris out. However, your best choice for the job is definitely a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. This tool allows you to adjust the water pressure with only one hand, which is very useful when you’re doing any roof work.

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Wear good shoes

Roofs can be super slippery, especially in the fall when they are covered with wet leaves, so make sure to wear good shoes if you need to step on the roof. Pick a model with a rubber sole that’s much better at adherence than any other type. This way, you’ll prevent slips and falls and be nimble and relaxed while doing gutter cleaning or roof repairs.

Be careful around electricity

If you notice any power line cables that drop from the power pole to your roof, make sure to conduct a visual inspection of the cable before you step on the roof. In time, these cables tend to lose insulation or experience wear and tear thanks to the weather, rough roof material or trees. So, if you see any issues with the cable, call professionals to repair it before focusing on your gutters. Unless you have a lot of experience with electricity and have formal education in the field, don’t touch your power line!

Call professionals

If you have a serious clog or notice any damage to your gutters, it’s always better to call professionals who will conduct a thorough inspection and perform all necessary repairs. On average, homeowners spend between one and four percent of the home’s value on yearly maintenance, so don’t hesitate to hire help. It will pay off in the long run and allow you to stay safely on the ground. The best safety tip is to just leave gutter cleaning to the pros!

The best thing about these protective pieces is that you can wear them for various other jobs that require safety, not just gutter cleaning! So, make sure to stay safe, especially when climbing scaffolding and ladders, and clean your gutters with ease.

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