5 Highest Paying Jobs Using Math and Science

Math and Science are skills that will always be valuable. They are the disciplines that seek to find truth and explain how the world works, and they are growing and changing every day.

They’re also excellent choices for your degree program because they lead to some incredibly interesting, not to mention lucrative, career options.

Data scientist

One of the most lucrative career options for graduates of Math and Science minors programs Marian University is a data scientist.

Data scientists work across the disciplines of mathematics and computer science, and because they are cross-skilled, they are highly sought after.

Businesses need to understand what their customers are doing and what the market is doing in order to make the most profitable decisions for them. The amount of data that they need to collect and interpret in order to do this is mammoth.

That’s where data scientists come in. They work out ways to collect, organize and analyze data to help businesses make important decisions.

The average salary for a data scientist is $113,000, climbing to $127,000 for senior data scientists and even more for data scientists working in profitable industries.


Actuaries use their mathematical skills to help their clients to understand the actual risk of their financial decisions. The idea is that they help people to minimize risks when they are doing things like making investments.

They can be employed in a number of different sectors, and the sector will have an impact on the type of work that they do on a day-to-day basis. The average salary for actuaries in 2020 was $135,000.

Computer research scientist

Almost everything we do comes back to computers, so it may not be surprising to learn that one of the most lucrative science jobs is assisting in developing new computer technology.

Computer research scientists use their skills to find innovative new uses for existing technology and to develop new technologies.

The median salary for computer research scientists is $126,830, and the field is expected to grow 15 percent by 2029, with an additional 5,000 jobs being created.

Software developer

Software developers design and create software that is integral to most parts of our lives. They might work for a small start-up creating software that runs their business, or they might be involved in the development of huge software applications that millions of people use.

Software developers must have an excellent knowledge of computer science, and they must continue to keep their knowledge up to date to ensure that their software is safe from hackers and other threats.

They can work for companies or on a freelance basis and earn a median salary of $97,500 per year.


Biochemists have an in-depth knowledge of the chemical processes that make up all living things, which they use to create new products to benefit individuals and businesses.

Biochemistry has obvious applications in medicine, but it’s also important in agriculture, health, and energy.

The average salary for biochemists is $94,270.

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