Three Ways to Help Children Cope and Stay Financially Organized Through a Public Divorce

There isn’t any question that divorce is hard enough as it is. Now, imagine going through a divorce in the highly-critical public eye. Divorce attorneys such as understand the need to handle these types of cases with as much confidentiality as possible for the sake of the divorcing parties, but especially for the children.

A healthy divorce, (yes, it is possible), offers the best outcome for the children. It means to limit the vitriol as much as possible. If the parents have some level of fame whether it be locally or globally, their divorce will be discussed by various groups of people and third parties.

And, unfortunately, the kids get caught up in the gossip–even if they have nothing to do with their parents’ fame. It is a tough and unique situation that requires a delicate touch with a lot of care. Keep reading to learn more.

Work together

Just because two people feel they can no longer remain married does not mean the kids have to bear the brunt of their issues. The children did not have anything to do with the situation, and they should be cared for as much as possible by each parent.

While the couple may no longer have a desire to work things out with each other, they need to have a desire to equally care for the innocent parties in the situation–the kids. So, take the focus off the anger, hurt, resentment or rejection and turn that focus into something positive for the kids–like helping them cope and get through this.

Now that the parents are divorced, the kids will need each parent’s attention even more than before. It still takes a team effort to ensure the well-being of children. It doesn’t matter what you think of your former partner, you must work together for the sake of the children.

Don’t overcompensate with gifts and money

One thing most divorcing parents experience is a level of guilt for the situation their kids face. And, then, they are also not spending as much time with their kids since they no longer live in the same home full time.

As a result, some parents try to overcompensate for their limited physical presence by spoiling their kids gifts and money. It won’t be long before the kids are spoiled and start to equate gifts with love, as this tactic can seriously backfire. Then, it would be difficult to show them that quality time means more than money. Also, they can carry this into their own future relationships by expecting gifts from their friends and partners.

Keep things organized

A divorce will create a state of flux in everyone’s lives. But, the healthiest situation is to keep an organized life and schedule for the kids. It can’t be a “go with the flow” or “anything goes” situation without consequences.

The kids need to remain busy and focused on their lives to help them cope. Too much free time will give them more time to think about the negative aspects of the divorce and the pain involved.

Final thought

Divorce is hard enough as it is—imagine being in the public eye. So, use the above tips to help your children get through it.

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