Should Children Have the Right to Lead the Fight Against Environmental Destruction

In recent months, the world was stunned by the power and strong presence of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old environmental activist. She took everyone by surprise, given her strong stance on protecting the environment, and even met with world leaders to make her voice heard. Before she entered the scene, several other kids had already made history because of their efforts to save the environment in ways no one expected. A few months ago, Canadian kids even sued the government because of global warming. As such, it begs the question, should children have the right to lead the fight?

Unfortunately, yes 

The answer to this question is, yes. These kids have the biggest stake in this fight. They will inherit the world that we’re leaving behind. Worse, we’re trying to destroy the place we call home, and their future is at stake.

It’s also unfortunate because kids shouldn’t be fighting this fight. The fact that they’re taking matters into their own hands is a sign that the adults aren’t doing well enough.

The power of big corporations is also making governments afraid to take bold actions in protecting the environment. The truth is that adults should feel guilty that these children have to take such steps because they failed to do so. 

You’re also a part of the problem 

Do you segregate waste products at home? Do you recycle plastic? Do you take time to unplug all unused devices? If you say no, you are a part of the problem. You need to change your ways and take simple steps to help prevent the destruction of the environment. You can even seek help if you can’t. For instance, you can hire Evergreen Junk Removal in Jacksonville if you think you need help to collect waste products at home and ensure they get thrown away in the right places. These actions might be simple enough, but they can gradually change the world.

Kids need to be at school

It’s unfortunate that children end up fighting these unnecessary battles. If you say that they’re not supposed to do it, you’re right. They need to be at school and enjoying their childhood. For them to conclude that they can’t wait any longer should embarrass all of us.

It gets worse 

The worst part is that not only are some adults unsupportive of this battle; they even shame kids who take up the fight. It’s shameful for these adults to disparage these children considering that they’re only doing what they deem best for their future. Adults who don’t want to join the front lines should at least support behind the scenes. To aggressively campaign against these kids is a huge embarrassment.

We can’t let these problems continue to happen. Children deserve a better future. They shouldn’t have to fight for clean air or water. The world needs to stop giving too much power to greedy corporations who continue to pollute the environment. It’s not yet too late to act, and we need to do something now.

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