6 Different JIGSAW PUZZLES that are amazing to keep you occupied


Want to have a break from technology? Jigsaw Puzzles are a great way to be occupied with a worthwhile pastime that is even good for your brain health. There’s nothing like a good old jigsaw puzzle that balances challenge and aesthetics with an opportunity to step back and switch off our phones from your busy schedule. You can start from a 60-500 piece of the puzzle and then slowly graduate to 1000 – 2000 pieces.

Some puzzles can be finished on a weekend while some might be completed within a single evening. So, when considering choosing a jigsaw puzzle, always go for a design that has bright colors with very clear color separation. A puzzle with a smooth gradient or bright, saturated colors will make it easier to sort the pieces into the different sections.

With so many options out there, you might not know what puzzles to try so finding the perfect puzzle can keep you occupied in this hyperconnected world. You might get confused about how to turn a picture into a jigsaw puzzle without any special knowledge. To help you find a puzzle, we’ve compiled 6 unique and different puzzles ranging from colorful, minimalist puzzles that can be completed while sitting at home.

1. Knob Puzzles

Knobbed puzzles are the easiest puzzle collection that can be completed within an hour. Being an inset puzzle, these pieces are made to fit on a wooden board. With different themes and collections available the knobs are typically made to hold properly for young toddlers and kids. It helps to develop their fine motor skills therefore they are quite familiar with kids wherein the puzzles are mainly based on fruits, vehicles, or shapes.

2. Chunky Puzzles

Chunky puzzles are a real treat to put together. They might not feature bulky pieces like the inset one but one has to utilize their whole hand to pick up and move the pieces. This jigsaw puzzle is an interesting one to keep you occupied as the intricate shades make it a tough one to solve. The pieces are especially non-connecting ones but not always as this adorable puzzle will have you fawning over big eyes. Including just a few pieces ranging from 10 – 15, this jigsaw puzzle picture will help to strengthen the muscles of their hands and help little kids to learn object names.

3. Peg Puzzles

Puzzles that help to discern a more detailed shape are made with layered photographs. These peg puzzles are considered the most difficult inset puzzles as they come with an inner puzzle and an outer puzzle. With improving the fine motor skills this puzzle usually covers alphabets and numbers that can keep them occupied with more than 25 pieces.

4. Frame Puzzles

This dual-sided puzzle named frame puzzles is especially for puzzle beginners who are new to this world of the jigsaw. It has several interlocking pieces that go inside a frame and this above 100-piece puzzle is the perfect starter to sharpen problem-solving skills. They cover some of the sophisticated images wherein it can contain on one side and iconic architectural feat, and the other the blueprint to the building that is made from cardboard pieces.

5. Floor Puzzles

Turn pictures into a jigsaw puzzle with floor puzzles as they rock some of the aesthetically pleasing images and promote problem-solving in kids. Made with less than 100 pieces they need to be assembled right on the floor as it doesn’t have any frame to connect to. Each piece has the same color-that makes them identical pieces resulting in it being tough to solve them. With no limit to the topics covered by these classic puzzles, you can persist through this 100-piece puzzle to the end.

6. 3D Puzzles

3D puzzles promote sentimental, or personalised stuff. Containing more than 100 pieces, these 3D puzzles are mostly available in a  three-dimensional shape. These puzzles add pop to your standard hobby and solve them when you have ample time to complete them.  If you’re looking for something more customised then you can just send in a high-quality photo and you’ll receive a picture into a jigsaw puzzle.

Bottom Line

The puzzles that are listed above are mainly classic jigsaw puzzles while some belong to the family of inset puzzles. Some are easier to assemble while some are the most difficult. We wanted to just shed the light on all those puzzles where pictures are made into a jigsaw puzzle. These are visible in the market and therefore we can assist you to understand the types of puzzles. You can choose some of the best jigsaw puzzles from the above lot and keep yourself immersed or occupied for days on end.

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