Managing Manila – Etiquette Tips For Shared Office Space In The Philippines

Taking your business to the international level is an exciting prospect for entrepreneurs everywhere. Navigating a new culture and exploring new markets for your goods and services is also a wise choice for those wanting to take their business to new heights. However, it can be tricky to adjust and adapt your habits to new ways of conducting business.

If you are keen on finding coworking space in Makati to serve as a base of operations for your business, then it is best if you enter into your new environment fully prepared. Taking the time to learn some of the cultural nuances of the Philippines as well as being reminded of some of the essential rules of coworking etiquette will serve you well.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific etiquette tips for shared office space in the Philippines.

Learn The Basics of Business In The Philippines

To master the cultural nuances of the Philippines would take immersion and experience. To get you started, however, it is essential to know two essential points.

First, the culture of the Philippines is very warm and sociable. Do not be alarmed when conversations quickly turn to very personal matters. This may be off-putting for those coming from more reserved cultures.

Second, remember that like other Asian societies the culture of the Philippines relies heavily on the concept of “face”. Face refers loosely to your social reputation. Losing it can be disastrous both for your personal life and your business affairs, so be sure to maintain it at all costs. Avoid embarrassing others or becoming angry or visibly frustrated with locals. This can give a very bad impression of your character and may have lasting repercussions.

Be Mindful Of Your Coworking Manners

Whether you find yourself in a coworking space in Makati or anywhere else in the world, there are some standard rules of engagement that apply across the board. Knowing how to act in a shared office space is not substantially different than in a traditional office environment, but there are some differences to be aware of to avoid making a bad impression on your colleagues.

For one, make sure to be mindful that the space is a shared space. This means that you should take all necessary measures to avoid disturbing those you are working with. Your coworkers are there to maximise their own productivity and enjoy the benefits of a communal working environment just like you. To this end, avoid making unnecessary noise in the working areas. This includes taking phone calls or eating crunchy or messy foods. Save these things for the lounge areas where a louder volume is more appropriate.

Next, it is good to remember that even though some coworking spaces take on a more casual air, it is still intended as a professional working environment. Practice good personal hygiene habits and dress appropriately to match your colleagues. Clean up after yourself, both in the working areas and in the kitchen so that you leave the space as you found it. Make sure not to overuse any shared space or office equipment. Essentially, be respectful and considerate of your new coworking colleagues and you will go far.

Making Moves In Makati

Following the above tips will allow you to integrate yourself in the Philippines with ease. Having a basic background in how to conduct your business affairs with tact and diplomacy is essential to be received warmly. As long as you take what you have learned and make the effort to apply it, your business ventures in the country will have the best chance at success.

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