5 Awesome Volunteer Work Experiences in Thailand

Getting out into the world and doing some volunteering work is not only incredibly rewarding and of great help, it can also help you to further explore the world. I spent my first couple of years on the road volunteering across southeast Asia and I absolutely loved it, helped out, made friends and more importantly, memories.

One of the most popular places for volunteering is Thailand and as someone who has been about a bit in the country, I wanted to share with you some of the best places to go volunteering in Thailand.

Volunteer With Elephants

If you are an animal lover then why not dedicate some of your time helping these incredible beasts. For many years throughout Thailand, there was some horrible things being practiced in elephant parks to make money from the burgeoning animal tourism scene. Thankfully there are some good people out there who have set up elephant sanctuaries which care for these animals after they have been rescued. You can find chances to help with elephants in Chiang Mai.

Helping Disabled Children

One of the most rewarding programs that you will find is helping out in a social center for disabled children ini Phang Nga. You will be on hand to help the kids with their exercises, help them to learn and of course, play with the kids. You will also be working closely with the families of the children and their reactions when they see how you are helping their child is absolutely priceless.

English Teaching

Throughout Thailand there are several opportunities for you to teach English in schools. Usually you will require a TEFL certificate but each location does vary. From your teaching you may earn a small amount of money each week, and be given a shared accommodation to stay in. Even if you have no prior teaching experience, you can still greatly help many of the nation’s students.


If conservation is your thing then also located in Phong Nga, is a chance to work with the specialists trying to improve marine conservation across the Thai coast. Throughout this program you will not only be helping but you will have a fascinating chance to discover a great deal about marine life, and coastal conservation. The program focusses on biodiversity surveys, beach cleaning and working with sea turtles. This is a once in a lifetime experience which nature lovers will adore.

Medical Internship

In Chiang Mai you will find a program which offers private and public hospital volunteering which will give you hands-on experience of working in a hospital. Because of the way that healthcare is in Thailand, these hospitals rely heavily on volunteers and you can play an integral role in the care of many patients. Even if you don’t have hospital experience, you can still help out and work with some incredible medical professionals.

These are just my top 5 programs but throughout the country there is an incredible amount of volunteer programs which you can find to suit what you are looking for.

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