What changes will happen in the casino industry in 2017

2017: gaming industry in the US

There are many thoughts and ideas regarding the changes in the casino industry in 2017. For instance, a well-known owner of the company “Treasure Island”, Phil Ruffin is configured positively to the future of the casino industry in the year 2017. Recently, he has also mentioned of a 3 billion dollars bet for the flourishing of Vegas casino industry. Mr Ruffin is sure that Las Vegas – the gambling capital of the USA, will become even more attractive in gamblers’ eyes due to more ways of entertainment, luxurious and bright shows, the involvement of celebrities, etc. He presumed that by the end of 2017, local hotels will have accommodated not less than 50 million visitors.

Ruffin has no doubts that real casinos will not suffer because of such competitors as online casinos who also offer promotion codes such as the N1 Casino Bonus Code to new customers. On the contrary, he believes that traditional casinos in Vegas will “get the piece of a pie”. “I think that internet gambling can’t bring any harm to the casino industry. You can’t visit the best shows ever through the internet, right? Alternatively, online users can get to know more about gambling”. In such a way, knowledge and information received through the internet will make players want to visit Vegas, which automatically means city’s flourishing and even more profit.

Discussing the future of the casino industry in 2017, the billionaire mentioned that from the technical point of view, gambling houses will have considerable changes. And gambling fans will have a possibility to enjoy absolutely new gaming opportunities.

2017: gaming industry in Macao

Macao in China is another gambling giant that even exceeds the profits of Las Vegas. In accordance with the S&P Global estimations, the next year for Macao will be very successful: it has great perspectives for growing and renewal. In line with the statistics – the gambling gross income in the year 2017 will be 10% higher compared to the previous year. Experts claim that such new resorts as Wynn Palace and Parisian will greatly influence on this particular industry.

“New gambling houses will attract more and more players in Macao. The only issue that might happen is the competition among new and already existing casinos. But this is not a problem at all. The worst days for Macao are already behind”.

All in all, 2017 should be a wonderful and successful gambling year for many countries, including American and Asian markets. Consequently, it will also be great for gamblers no matter whether they play online or for real. New technologies, options, features, and functions are already waiting for them!

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