Top 5 New York Experiences

New York is one of those cities which you could visit 20 times and have 20 different experiences, and it is one of my favorite cities on Earth to visit. I have been to the Big Apple 7 times, mostly for long weekends, and each time I have found something different to do and see. If you have a trip to New York coming up then I wanted to share with you my favorite 5 experiences, activities which you will absolutely love. Check them out and see if any take your fancy.

Slam Poetry

New York is the birthplace of hip-hop and spoken word, so what better way to spend your evening than to go somewhere with some of the most intelligent and creative spoke word artists? The bar Nuyorican is poet’s cafe which can be found in Alphabet City and they feature some of the most amazing poets and speakers, well worth spending a few hours here one night.


A Broadway show is an absolute must whilst you are in New York, this is the home of the musical stage show and they have some of the best shows and the best performers here in New York. Once you know which show you wish to go and see check out online prices first. You can save over 25% on Phantom of the Opera tickets right now for example, if you shop online.

People Watching in Central Park

Even for the  most open minded of people New York is filled with people who will make you turn your head, people form different places around the world, bizarre fashionistas, creative people and the sense that everyone from this city has an interesting story. For me the best place to go people watching is Central Park, the huge urban park in the heart of NYC. Grab yourself a coffee and a tasty pretzel and set some hours to one side to spend in the park, watching the people go by.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is just so iconic that you really can’t miss out on the chance to get inside and climb up those stairs to the crown. The Statue of Liberty offers some of the most spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and given its iconic status, it is also an experience which means that you can say you’ve ‘been there and done that’. The statue is on Liberty island, take the ferry, make the climb and snap those photos.

Eat Pizza

Here in New York you will find just about every type of cuisine from around the world on your doorstep and I would urge you to try as much as possible. One food which you have to consume by the oat load is pizza, the best can be found throughout New York. Each place has its own recipe and style so try out as many as your stomach will allow. If you love pizza, then there is nowhere better outside of Italy than New York to meet your needs.

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