Original Cannabis Café: A Restaurant Committed to Serve Cannabis

Original Cannabis Café is the pioneer weed lounge based in the United States. The firm was launched in October 2019; it operates from West Hollywood, California. The business received a trading license from West Hollywood Business License Commission, allowing it to have legal operations. Original Cannabis Café got the trading license after a unanimous decision made on July 16, 2019. The weed lounge will have legal activities for one year, after which it will renew the license. Besides, the business will receive an additional license from the California Retail License. The restaurant will serve fresh juice, food, coffee, and Cannabis.

Original Cannabis Café was co-founded by Andre Drummer, the current Head Chef of the business. Andrea has excellent experience, which has led to the crafting of a comprehensive menu that meets the needs of customers. Besides Cannabis, the company will serve several foods to the customers who will be visiting the place. The business has an inclusive menu which offers small edibles, pre-rolls, beverages, and flower. Andrea Drummer launched the company intending to show the world how Cannabis can be legalized as well as consumed responsibly.

Andrea Drummer has committed to growing the business, which will educate and promote responsible consumption of Cannabis and other related products. Original Cannabis Cafe has made history for being the pioneer cannabis restaurant to operate in the United States. The head chef has gained vast knowledge and experience after working as a marijuana advocate. Besides, she has served at Chelsea Handler, Wiz Khalifa, and Miguel, where she was a private chef. Andrea Drummer is assisted by Kevin Brady, who serves as the managing director of the business.

Andrea Drummer is a great writer who has several publications on how to use cannabis products. She has published several books, including Cannabis Cuisine and featured on Netflix programs such as; Chelsea On as well as Cooking on High. Original Café will provide several non-infused foods that will complement the high-quality cannabis products. Besides, the business will serve peanut butter cookies, white bean hummus, fried chicken sandwich, burrata, grilled peaches, as well as ice cream sandwiches. The weed lounge will exclude Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as well as cannabidiol (CBD) items from the menu.

Original Cannabis Café has well-designed smoking zones that provide Table Flower Services. The business has several professional flower hosts who welcome and serve the visitors. Also, the flower hosts will provide a detailed explanation of flavor profile and possible effects that may result from smoking weed. The restaurant offers a variety of high-quality Lowell Herb Co. as well as dabs and bongs. The business has used high technologies that purify the air and flush the odor, which results from smoking weed.

Original Cannabis Café has filed air purification and filtration proposals resulting in the installation of ultramodern systems in the business. The business has used systems similar to those in a chemical lab, Las Vegas hotel, and hospital. Also, the weed lounge has several odor-absorbing as well as air purification landscapes, which serve as additional precaution measures. The restaurant has received several concerns from the general public who do not consume Cannabis. It has committed to address the concerns and focus to remain responsible as well as respectful through using safe approaches.

The restaurant has partnered with Mark and Jonnie Houston, who serve at Houston Hospitality. The business has continuously worked for the legalization of Cannabis since it provides mild effects. Original Cannabis Café started by selling the cannabis products; currently, the restaurant is educating the public on how to use Cannabis and aims to minimize the stigma, which results from consuming weed. Andrea Drummer has continued to campaign and educate people on the responsible use of marijuana. Her effort was rewarded after receiving the license to allow Original Cannabis Café to operate legally.

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