New Jersey Eats Under $20

Travelers love driving through New Jersey for many reasons. There is the beautiful coastline, the many great towns to stop in, the beautiful countryside, and the outdoor activities. If there’s one cone when it comes to Jersey travel, it’s that food is generally more expensive than in most other states. Fortunately for budget travelers, however, there are a number of places throughout the state where you can get a great meal for less than 20 bucks. For budget travellers moving through Jersey in their RV rentals, it is highly recommended that you hit up these spots.

Beach Plum Farm

This massive farm supplies many of the top Cape May restaurants and stores with fresh produce and meats. Although the meals in many of those establishments are quite expensive, the good news is that you can visit the farm itself and get yourself a great, fresh meal for much less than your 20 dollar budget. On weekend nights you can visit the farm for a sit down dinner where the always-changing menu is packed with great fare for great rates. Anybody looking for a high rated meal for a cheap price would be making a mistake not to visit Beach Plum.

Slamwich Scratch Kitchen

This deli has fast been developing a large following due to its unique take on the sandwich. This establishment believes that sandwiches should be massive, comforting, and packed with many ingredients and flavors. Check out the duck confit Sloppy Joe or the Slam Burger and you will find out what this place is all about. These sandwiches are definitely not minimalist, and one will hold you over for many hours on the road. The sides here are amazing as well, featuring fresh sweet potatoes, fries, and refreshing drinks. Plus, most of the sandwiches here, plus sides, can be had for around ten dollars. If you’re looking for a unique, filling meal that won’t break your budget, this is definitely your place.

Parker’s Garage & Oyster Saloon

While a good oyster meal is generally not the type of thing you can get for less than 20 dollars, travellers can think again when they pull their RV rentals up to Parker’s Garage. This Jersey shore classic is truly heaven for any seafood lover. Here you will find massive plates of friend oysters, lobster, fish filets, and much more. Most of the plates here come in under 20 dollars, so you can enjoy an unbelievable seafood meal and still come in under your designated budget. One of the best things about traveling up the Jersey shore is the great seafood available along the way. While this may leave many budget travelers out due to high prices, this is definitely not the case at this unique and delicious coastal establishment.


Should you find yourself in the Jersey City area, you should definitely check out FM if you’re looking for a great, cheap meal. This 70s themed restaurant features terrific Swedish meatballs, deviled eggs, chicken parm, steak and potatoes, and much, much more. This is comfort food of the highest quality, served within a welcoming, quirky atmosphere that is much loved by the locals. This establishment has been rising in popularity, receiving great write-ups and reviews, but this hasn’t caused the prices to go up. You can get anything on the menu here for less than your 20 dollar budget for sure, which is great news for weary budget travellers looking for a warm, comforting meal in the North jersey region.

Taco Bao’s

If you’re in the mood for Asian fusion but are worried about breaking your food budget, then look no further than Taco Bao’s. This highly rated establishment is home to an amazing assortment of unique fusion plates that will impress even the most jaded Asian fusion specialist. Just some of the highly recommended plates here include the steamed buns, crispy scallion pancakes, rice bowls, kimchi, and many more. One of the most unique features here is that you can create your own dish from either the rice bowl or the wrap, so you can choose what you would like to have on them. Making it all even better is that most of the plates here definitely come in at under 20 dollars.

Don’t believe the myth that Jersey travel is super expensive when it comes to food. As long as you know where to look, you can easily find a wide number of terrific establishments serving up quality food for under 20 dollars per meal. For travellers driving through New Jersey in their RV rentals, you will be comforted to know that a great variety of cheap and quality foods await you on your journey. No matter if you are driving up the coast, through the center of the state, or any other route, you will have lots of great, cheap food options to choose from.

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