7 Cheap Off The Beaten Track Africa Backpacking Destinations

Africa is a very interesting continent when it comes to backpacking, on the surface it appears that given the financial difficulty which the continent is in, that the cost of living and traveling would be very cheap. In reality however, this is not quite the way things are and because of poor infrastructure plus corruption issues, Africa can actually be pretty expensive.

This however does not mean that backpacking is off limits, far from it in fact and here are some of the budget-savy locations which you could head to.

Cape Town, South Africa

Strictly speaking Cape Town may not be ‘off the beaten path’ but it is a very backpacker-friendly place for you to visit. Here you will find sights like Table Mountain, many budget hotels and hostels and plenty of cheap places to eat. Cape Town is a very vibrant city that help backpackers to get an introduction into Africa.

Ssese Islands, Uganda

Uganda may not be a country on many people’s list but it really should be. Not only is Uganda a fantastic place to see mountain gorillas in their own habitat, the country is slowly but surely growing in terms of what it can offer backpackers. These islands are testament to that and this untouched paradise is cheap, backpacker friendly and will give you a raw cultural experience.

Mombassa, Kenya

Again, one could argue that this isn’t off the beaten track but Mombassa is a great stopover for backpackers going through Africa. The infrastructure for backpackers here is perfect and you’ll find cheap hostels and plenty of budget options when it comes to attractions and eating out.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar has its luxurious side with 5 star hotels, but it also offers backpackers a great budget break. It is not just the wealthy who can enjoy the white beaches and African sunshine, backpackers can also relish in this natural setting and enjoy beach parties and hostel rooms for great prices.

Taghazout, Morocco

In comparison to the rest of Africa, Morocco is not a particularly expensive country and one of the best ‘off the beaten track’ locations is Taghazout. This is considered the surfing paradise of Africa and as such, the backpacker scene here is very vibrant. Plenty of cheap digs and street food of you to keep costs down.

Livingstone, Zambia

Victoria Falls is not a cheap trip, but you can do it on a budget if you stay in Livingstone, filled with budget hostels and situated just minutes from the incredible falls. Around this area there is also plenty of activities to get your teeth stuck into from climbing and abseiling, to hiking and rafting, all very reasonably priced.

Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

Ethiopia has an unfortunate reputation for poverty and hunger and whilst much of the country struggles with this, there is still plenty to explore within the country, which will see you adding to their struggling economy. The Bale Mountains in Ethiopia are set in the south and give backpackers the chance to sleep under the stars in nature’s very own paradise.

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