Australia: A Blend of the Best

Australia is both a wild and beautiful spot at the same time. Marine wildlife, iconic cityscapes and ideal road trips are few words which blissfully describe this country. This land is like a palette or red wilderness sands… while the sophisticated cities tell soulful and original tales.

New Age Cities

Most of the Australians, that is 89% of them, live in the cities. The Australian cities are in fact, a lot of fun. The most famous city, Sydney, is a trendy area which boosts the best beaches all around the world. The deep blue waters of Australia with an orangish reflection can also be discovered at Aspers Casino Online. On Ocean Magic slots game, you will plunge into the depths of the waters while sea creatures like turtles, fishes, sea horses, stars, starfishes and jellies, will be the bearers of winnings. On the other hand, Melbourne is all about arts and a majestic food arena. Brisbane is a subtropical town while Adelaide is all about festive vibes. Perth is the boomtown which breathes optimism, while Canberra is the cultural hometown. The city of Darwin is a tropical northern frontier while the city of Hobart welcomes any one with chilly southern sands.

Wildlife and Grasslands

Australia is an amazingly gorgeous place, rich in rainforests and rocky outcrops. In the far north of Queensland and far south of Tasmania, the lush jungles and green life can be lived. For the stone-like roads, places like Kakadu, Kimberleys and Uluru are must-see locations. The coastline as well, with its uninhabited shores and islands, is wonderfully wild. These wildlife locations are home to unique animals like kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies, wombats, platypus and dingoes, in their natural habitat.  Plus, you can awaken the David Attenborough in you, by discovering over 700 species of birds, which are exclusively found in Aussie.

Gourmet Pleasures

‘Moz Oz’ are the two words which describe the delicacies offered in the land of Kangaroos. Modern Australia plates up multicultural blends of European techniques and fresh Pacific-rim components. The main attraction of this country is seafood; tender Moreton Bay bugs to gentle King George whiting. Beer lovers will also enjoy with beef, chicken and lambs, at the typical Aussie barbecues. If you are not a beer lover, then you will find solace by drinking Australian wines which are world-beaters; Tasmanian sauvignon blanc, Hunter Valley Semillon and Barossa Valley Shiraz. You can even try the high-class Tasmania whisky. For a caffeine hit, you will see cafes in every corner of the roads…

The Wide-Open Boulevard

There is a vast passageway across the widespread brown land. From Jabiru to Dover, from Margaret River to Cooktown, the ideal way to appreciate the mesmerising beauty of Australia is by hitting the road. With affordable car hire and good road conditions, it is easy to let the huge cities traffic fade away, as you pave the ways to the lonesome areas. For a better experience, you might consider using a campervan, as there are caravan parks in most of the cities.

In a country where there’s a mixture of the best, you will find comfort.

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