How to Plant the Perfect Lawn – A Step by Step Guide

The average person finds the idea of setting up a brand-new lawn quite intimidating. They prefer to become a customer with a professional lawn company like True Green and leave the hard work up to them. Judging from the many TruGreen reviews, this seems to be a common option, in fact. There are hundreds of reviews from people who have used their service and now have the most stunning lawns that they are incredibly happy with. The company also encourages people to leave a comment if they found a review helpful, so that they can further improve their overall lawn service. Clearly, the better option is to let the professionals do it for you, as you can also see in the many pictures attached to this review. However, some of us simply want to at least try things ourselves. If that sounds like you, then do read on to find out how you can have a beautiful lawn.

A Step by Step Approach to Building a New Lawn

The first thing you have to do is look at the soil on which you want to plant your lawn. If there is no topsoil remaining, you must replenish it before doing anything else. You should also test the soil to make sure it is still healthy and nutrient rich. You can purchase kits for this, or you can take a soil sample to your local garden center. The benefit of doing this is that, if there is something wrong, you will immediately be given the necessary information to fix it. The vital thing to examine is the pH levels of the soil. If it is too acidic, lime has to be added. If it is too alkaline, you need to add sulfur.

Once your soil is ready, you need to investigate the different seeds. Again, your local garden center will be able to advise you, as will companies like True Green. You can also speak to people you know, particularly if they have a very lawn. Do remember, however, that the shade and sun levels will impact the success of the plant you chose.

Next, you need to think about when to plant. If you are in a warm climate, then you need to make sure you have a seed that is able to withstand that, which you usually plant in spring. If you are in the north, you need a cool season grass, which is planted in fall, and this guide for cool season grasses can help you determine which grass best suits your needs. You can spread the seed by hand or use gardening tools for it. The larger the area is, the more likely it is that you will need some sort of tool. After that, you need to encourage germination, which usually means watering the soil a few times each day. Don’t water too often, however, as this will rot the seeds.

It sounds simple enough: topsoil, correct pH level, plant, water. In reality, however, planting a new lawn is a lot of hard work. Consider getting the professionals in to do it for you, therefore.

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